India has world's one of the oldest civilization. India has the Himalayas on his head and surrounded by the sea in south Indian Ocean, in the west the Arabian Sea and in the east by bay of Bengal. Afghanistan and Pakistan are in the north-west; in the north it has China, Bhutan and Nepal; and in the east It has Bangladesh and Myanmar.

History of India

India has oldest history in this world. India has over thousends year’s old civilization. Indian culture developed into the Indus Valley, in to 3300 BCE in Western India. First arya came in India. They came at the second millennium B.C. From the northwest into the subcontinent and they settled in the Ganges River valley.

Indian Culture

Indian culture has lots of verity. Many Religion lives in India. Like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Iasi. India's culture is marked by a high degree of syncretism and cultural pluralism. . It is a land where temple elephants exist amicably with the microchip.

Fact about India

India is the one of biggest democracy in the world.
Type: Federal republic.
Independence: August 15, 1947.
Constitution: January 26, 1950.
Executive--president (chief of state), prime minister (head of government).

Government of India

The constitution of India, the longest and most thorough constitution of any nation in the world, came into working on January 26, 1950. The President of India is the official head of state elected by an electoral college for a five-year term. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President and, by convention, is the candidate supported by the party or political alliance holding the majority of seats in the lower house of Parliament.

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