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Agra City India

Agra is one of the oldest city in india.Agra has very old history and culture. Agra is famous for taj mahal. It is one of the wonder in the world.In mughal time agra has an important place.It was the capital in time of akbar.It was also called akbarabad. Taj mahal was build by sahanjhan.

Geography Agra:-

Agra is situated on the banks of Yamuna river. Agra is sourounded by the north it is by Mathura, on the south by Dhaulpur, on the east by Firozabad,on the west by Bharatpur.

Agra Economy:-

Main Business in agra is Tourism.Tourism contributes to a large extent in the economy of Agra. Lots of Delux and Budget hotels in agra. The leather industry is among the most traditional and original industries of Agra.

Agra Climate

The monsoon months in agra are from July to September see about 67 cm of rainfall annually. Agra's temp. is lie 45°C (113°F) during the summer and as low as 4°C (40°F) in the winter.

Monuments in Agra:-

  1. Taj Mahal
  2. Fatehpur Sikri
  3. Sikandra
  4. Lal Kila