• Tripura is a state in Northeast India.
  • Agartala is Capital of Tripura State.
  • 08 districts in Tripura State.


Tripura is a state in Northeast India. Capital of Tripura is Agartala. 08 Districts in Tripura State.

Tourist Places in Tripura

  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Neermahal
  • Unakoti
  • Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rudrasagar Lake
  • Tripura Sundari Temple
  • Rose Valley Amusement Park
  • Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Baramura Eco Park

Universities of Tripura

Tripura Food

  • Mui Borok
  • Mosdeng Serma
  • Bhangui
  • Kasoi Bwtwi
  • Panch Phoron Tarkari
  • Wahan Mosdeng

Tripura Hotels

  • Ginger Hotel Agartala
  • Hotel Welcome Palace
  • Charulata The Boutique Guest House
  • A India Guest House
  • Hotel Somraj Regency
  • Hotel City Center
  • Hotel Woodland Park

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Yoga in India


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